BalaBali Architecture Showcase

Alpen Club Germany Renovation

Alpenclub has some project to redesign an old looking restaurant and meeting room and transform it into a modern-look design. Tina, is a Germany interior design who has responsibility to redesign it. BalaBali has been choosed by Tina to assists her for creating a 3D visualization to show up her idea into a pictures, so her client will really understand on the new looks of their building. This two views was delivered in a rapid time, was only 4 days of works to follow on her tight deadline.

Olivier Ubud Villa

On XXX metersquare of land, there’s YYY metersquare of villa building, including a nice large parking area, 4 bedroom, a gymnastic, a bar with billiard spot, comfortable bathrooms and a big kitchen which use a knock down Joglo, bought from Java that permanently attached to the building structure, also supported by the service area. Designed in a modern function of villa but with semi Balinese style of building. This villa use 90% of stones that attached to the wall as a finishing parts and alang-alang roof. Less painting wall are applied here which requested by client to upgrade the feeling of Balinese house.

Jose Carlo Kitchen Renovation

Starting from a classic wooden kitchen in a house of Jose Carlo somewhere around Seminyak, the owner wants to change his kitchen into a modern-woody kitchen looks. But bassically he hate to use many metals material and really want to use wood as a basic material for furniture. So along with client, we've design this simple kitchen for him. BalaBali has done about 3 times intense meeting to discuss about this, and also many minor discussion trough email ‘till we come to this results.

D-Sign Condotel in Sanur

A complex of living area in Sanur area, called D-Sign Condotel, provides 16 rooms with 3 different tipes, a restaurant with bar included, painting and jewelry galleries also supported by a very nice office and a very friendly receptionist to assist you through any information needed. Its also have a big parking lot with nice circulation to make your activities easier. Designed by Mauro Tomasi an Italian architect and BalaBali get the duty to provide 3D renderings. All colours and design was provided by the architect and client. A problem during permission keep this building unconstructed yet.