One of The Top Free Personalization Content at Nokia Store

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19 March 2012 - adhik

We're glad and honored that BalaBali Kuta Beach Lite, one of our BalaBali Paradise Island Themes set, have gained top free personalization content at Nokia Store with over 130.000 download. Nature based themes are quite popular in Nokia Store, but BalaBali Paradise Island Themes are not only themes, they are also meant to promote our beloved home island, Bali. For me, it just like being some kind of a world-approved artist, although i'm basically a programmer, not an illustrator, designer, or such. 

I know that Nokia has falling on Symbian, and choose Windows Phone instead, and decided to update Series40 platform into Meltemi (Mail to me? lol). But i am sure that Symbian or Series40 theme will last for 3 or 4 years ahead. After all, there are still MILLIONS of Symbian and Series40 devices out there that are still being used by people, beside the fact that the platform is quite outdated.

Thanks for all your appreciations for using our products. Like the Balinese used to say modestly, "Matur Suksma...". smiley

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