BalaBali Paradise Island Themes Support

We designed every themes with high spirit and always aiming for high quality and wide range device acceptance. However, our product is sold "as-is" and BalaBali is not responsible for any problems or loss of information which may occured on themes installation. 

Icons Skinning Problem
Though packed with lot of icons, you may found in some devices that some icons are not being skinned/modified. It is common issue since Nokia has a wide range of devices. However we guarantee that this minor issue is not affecting the theme itself.

Please always use the device's standard installation method to ensure error-free installation and correct theme display. If download failed, please be patient and try again. You may use desktop computer to install the theme.

Uninstallation of a theme will be failed if it still being used. Please apply/activate another theme first then you may proceed to the application manager to uninstall the theme.

Feel free to contact us with your comments, complaints, or questions to [email protected] or you may use our contact form.

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