BalaBali Subak

The green view of village with paddy fields as a green part of BalaBali Paradise Island themes: BalaBali Subak. Now available in Full Edition and Lite Edition (both are free)!

About Subak and Rice Terraces
Subak is Balinese traditional agriculture organization that has specialisation in irrigation system. Each subak has a shrine or temple called Pura Uluncarik or Pura Bedugul that is dedicated to the fertility Goddess, Dewi Sri. Led by a Pekaseh or Kelian Subak, these traditional irrigation systems prioritizing mutual interests, particularly in the regulation of water allocation through the irrigation channels between each members. Because of the non-flat topography, most rice fields in Bali are made in a staircase pattern (terracing). Terracing itself gives its own uniqueness and beauty as can be found in the famous Jatiluwih and Tegalalang. Green Revolution in the 1950s to 1980s had changed the agricultural patterns of Bali, but Clifford Geertz and J. Stephen Lansing, which later researching and applying computer modelling system, concluding that Subak was more effective and has important part in nature conservation.

Theme Features

Full Edition & Lite Edition

BalaBali Subak is available for both Symbian and S40 devices with BalaBali Ethnical icons set and animated graphics packed only in Full Edition. Like its name goes, Lite Edition uses standard Nokia icons set with less animated graphics for a better device's response. Full and Lite Edition are available for free, try it now!

Cartoonized Wallpaper

The theme's wallpaper is a cartoonized graphic of strawberries. It is rotation friendly (for some rotateable S60 devices), making it compatible on almost all Symbian devices screen with touch or non-touch UI including the 3rd, 5th, ^3, and Anna version.

BalaBali Ethnical Icons Set

BalaBali Subak Full Edition is packed with 500+ icons with Balinese ethnical life and style, unique but still easy to understand. Try it now with our free BalaBali Subak Full Edition!