BalaBali Jukung

We caught the blows of waves, the great blue sea and sky, a view of traditional Balinese boat, and presented it in a blue theme of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes: BalaBali Jukung. BalaBali Jukung is available now on Nokia Ovi Store with Full and Lite Edition which is free!.

About Jukung
Jukung, a traditional Balinese boat and other regions in Indonesia, is a small wooden boat with double bamboo outrigger and a triangular sail. Jukungs are usually made of Camplung or Belalu trees, a lightweight, sturdy, and ideal for water vehicles. Before making a Jukung, the fishermen will choose a good days (dewasa ayu) according to Balinese calendar system. Jukung is used for fishing vehicles. Like many other Balinese people's lives element, Jukung also decorated with Balinese carvings and shapes style that resemble Gajah Mina, Balinese mystical sea creature. With a relatively small size (about 5 meters length and 1.5 meters wide), Jukung is able to carry 2-3 passengers. The uniqueness of Jukung is its assymetric build yet it has a good stability on the sea.

Theme Features

Full Edition & Lite Edition

BalaBali Jukung is available for both Symbian and S40 devices, with BalaBali Ethnical icons set and animated graphics packed only in Full Edition. Like its name goes, Lite Edition uses standard Nokia icons set with less animated graphics for a better device's response.

Cartoonized Wallpaper

The theme's wallpaper is a cartoonized graphic of a blue sea, sky, and a sailing Jukung. It is rotation friendly (for some rotateable S60 devices), making it compatible on almost all Symbian devices screen with touch or non-touch UI including the 3rd, 5th, ^3, and Anna version.

BalaBali Ethnical Icons Set

BalaBali Jukung Full Edition is packed with 500+ icons with Balinese ethnical life and style, unique but still easy to understand.