BalaBali Jalak Bali

We choose Jalak Bali, a rare Balinese bird and represents its beauty in BalaBali Jalak Bali, a gray-white theme series of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes. BalaBali Jalak Bali is available now on Nokia Ovi Store in Full Edition and a free Lite Edition.

About Jalak Bali (Bali Starling)
Jalak Bali (Leucopsar rothschildi) which is also called Curik Bali is a warbler with a medium-size and length of approximately 25 cm. Easily recognizable because of its dominant white fur except for its black wings tip and tail. It has a bright blue cheeks and grayish black legs. Jalak Bali was discovered by Dr. Baron Stressman, British ornithologist in 1911. Now, the Jalak Bali is a species whose population is very rare and endangered due to deforestation and illegal trade. Therefore, Indonesian government set the Jalak Bali as protected animals. IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) also announced that Jalak Bali is in critical condition. To avoid extinction, in 1995 the government set up a wildlife breeding places in Buleleng. The government also perpetuate Jalak Bali as the mascot of Bali Province.

Theme Features

Full Edition & Lite Edition

Jalak Bali is available for both Symbian and S40 devices, with BalaBali ethnical icons set and animated graphics packed only in Full Edition. Like its name goes, Lite Edition uses standard Nokia icons set with less animated graphics for a better device's response. Lite Edition is available for free, try it now!

Cartoonized Wallpaper

The theme's wallpaper is a cartoonized graphic of Jalak Bali on a twig. It is rotation friendly (for some rotateable S60 devices), making it compatible on almost all Symbian devices screen with touch or non-touch UI including the 3rd, 5th, ^3, and Anna version.

BalaBali Ethnical Icons Set

BalaBali Jalak Bali Full Edition is packed with 500+ icons with Balinese ethnical life and style, unique but still easy to understand.