BalaBali Barong Dance

The first of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes: BalaBali Barong Dance, a theme with bright orange feel and Balinese ethnical based icons set with over 500+ icons packed in Full edition. NEW UPDATES! Now, Barong Dance comes with Lite edition and Full edition. All editions support both Nokia S40 and Symbian devices!

About Barong and Rangda Dance
BalaBali Barong Dance theme was inspired by the Barong and Rangda dance, a famous and sacred dance from Bali, the Indonesian Paradise Island. The story took place in the past kingdom of Daha (now East Java), started by Rangda's hatred to the kingdom's people of their mockery to her daughter. As a widow with powerful black magic granted by Dhurga, the goddess of destruction, she summoned her students, the army of Leak to attack the kingdom. In his despair by the kingdom's lost, the king then asked Barong, a magical beings of light for help. The fight became equals and finally Barong defeated Rangda.
The actual dance performed with astonishing trance state of the Patih, the Barong soldiers, which becoming resistant to the sharp of their Keris (Indonesian blade with serpent like shape). The Barong and Rangda masks are considered sacred items, which must be blessed by the priest before the dancing held in Balinese Hindu's specific ceremony.

Theme Features

NEW: Full Edition & Lite Edition

We decided to make Barong Dance available for both Symbian and S40 devices, with BalaBali ethnical icons set and animated graphics packed only in Full Edition. Like its name goes, Lite Edition uses standard Nokia icons set with less animated graphics for a better device's response and yes, it's still free smiley.

Cartoonized Wallpaper

The theme's wallpaper is a cartoonized graphic of Barong's costume and it is rotation friendly (for some S60 devices), making it compatible on almost all Symbian devices screen with touch or non-touch UI including the 3rd, 5th, ^3, and Anna version.

BalaBali Ethnical Icons Set

The Full edition of BalaBali Barong Dance packed with 500+ icons with Balinese ethnical life and style, unique but still easy to understand.